The company produces several products for the local market as well as for export. Here is an assortment of the products for the local market:

  • Construction timber
  • Floors
  • Tongue and groove planking
  • Ceiling timber
  • Planed timber
  • Lumber for the furniture industry

The forest of Suriname has a great amount of wood species. The below- mentioned species are much in demand.


  • Gronfolo
  • Kopi
  • Wana
  • Basralocus
  • Zwarte Kabes
  • Purperhart
  • Gelekabes
  • Wanakwari
  • Sumaruba
  • Walaba

This is a small part of the species we have in our concessions.


Our company consists of the following divisions:

  • Logging
  • Transport
  • Processing
  • Trade: local and export


The company has all the equipment needed for the timber exploitation and the construction of the infrastructure in the concessions, such as landings, towage and discharge roads. The concession is located in Tibiti in the district of Para and is known as site 424a, covering 21,720 hectares. The timber exploitation takes place in a responsible and sustainable manner, whereby the company ensures that the damage to the forest is limited.


All the activities here are supervised by Stichting voor Bosbeheer en Bostoezicht (SBB), the Forestry Authority of Suriname.



Transportation of logs takes place by road. The company owns the complete line of transportation by road as well as other related heavy equipment.



The processing activities take place in the company’s five sawmills:

  • Sawmill I, located at the Tout Lui Faut Kanaalweg Br. 45 in the district of Wanica. This sawmill is equipped with a band saw, 2 gang saws, 4 -sided planers, 1 multi ripper. In addition, other machines are also used for wood processing.
  • Sawmill II, located at the Industrieweg-Noord Br. 1 in Paramaribo. This is a modern sawmill and is equipped with 1 band saw, 2 gang saws, 1 multi ripper, 1 plane machine and other wood-processing machines.
  • Sawmill III is also at Industrieweg-Noord Br, 1 in Paramaribo, Suriname. This is a more advanced sawmill.
  • Sawmill IV and V the Surinaamse Hout en Houtverwerking Industrie N.V, are located at the Martin Luther Kingweg km 17, perc. 356, in the district of Wanica, Suriname.


The sawmills II, III, IV and V process wood mainly for export. Especially the sawing machines in these mills are top in their class and in very good condition.  From this location, the company produces and exports wood to customers in several countries.


Sawmill 1 at the Tout Lui Faut canal road Br 45 is fully focused on the local
Local customers:

  1. Contractors and builders
  2. Private customers and companies
  3. Furniture makers and boat builders
  4. Power companies
  5. Mining industries

Sawmills 2, 3, 4 and 5 are export-oriented.

  1. Woodworkers
  2. Wood suppliers
  3. Intermediary traders in wood




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